Sell Side Advisory


BD Exchange is an important advisor to small and middle-market financial institutions and advisors.

It all starts with your needs. Do you want to transition out to retirement in several years, or do you want to move right now? Are you interested in capturing future growth today, or would you rather exit as quickly and efficiently as possible? Do you want to divest your firm of a certain business line? Or merge with a partner who might add value? Whether your firm is a one man shop or a self-clearing broker dealer with hundreds of reps, proprietary technology and multiple data centers, we can help.

BD Exchange will assign a dedicated team of experts who understand your business as well as the current market. They will provide direction, insight, and other information relevant to your decision making process. Once you have decided just what it is that you would like to accomplish, our team will leverage the strength our network to discreetly reach out to potential qualified buyers – with your specific parameters in mind.  Potential buyers will be qualified on a number of different parameters, including their knowledge and understanding of your business, how well they would fulfill the needs of your client base, as well as what value they might add as a partner going forward, in addition to all the obvious necessities (can they afford the transaction, would their ideas meet your specific needs, etc.)

Of course, strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the entire process. Only the principals of BD Exchange will know the identity of your firm, and your interests will never be openly shopped. Unlike some of our competitors, we are not simply a contact referral service. The value we add is our strength: we will find you a true match, rather than just anyone with an interest.

The identity of your firm will never be revealed to any party without your specific approval – in advance. Our business is highly dependent upon discretion, and we are especially sensitive to the need for absolute confidentiality. Our goal is to quietly and efficiently help you achieve your goal.