Selling A "Book Of Business"

Selling one’s practice is rarely an easy decision. However, due to current market conditions, once the decision to sell is made, you may be pleasantly surprised at the possibilities. BD Exchange will provide a confidential, experienced team of professionals to offer direction through the process. Given a number of coincident factors, such as the recent bottoming of the business cycle and recent market rallies, there has arguably never been a better time to sell. Buyers are showing strong demand, and there is the opportunity to not only sell the book based on current values, but there are ways to price growth into the equation. If structured properly, sellers can capture future growth, and potentially experience a strong upside.

In order to get maximum value for your book, you will need to find a buyer who is a match for your client base, and who will service them well. He will need to be ideally suited to the type of business you do. BD Exchange specializes in qualifying buyers on numerous levels, and will present you with buyers who truly are a fit. This is where we differ from other “open” services, where buyers and sellers are blindly put together. We do not do this, and we will never “shop” your book openly. Our highly personalized service offers complete confidentiality, along with the resources and experience to see that you are presented with only serious buyers, who truly are a “fit”. We also offer a complete set of documents, and step-by-step guidance to both buyer and seller from the contemplation stage thru closure.

Our goal is to leverage our resources to bring you your ideal buyer, a fair deal, and a smooth and efficient transition.  Our repeat and referral business is a strong testament to our commitment to this goal.