Shell Broker Dealers

BDX ID Summary Description

The BDexchange has several relationships with Floor brokers on the NYSE. Please call to discuss these opportunities. You must be ready to move fast due to the demand so please, serious inquiries only.

BDX 917

WA based firm. approved for stocks , bonds mutual funds and more. spotless records , good clearing firm in place , small amount of business being run but enough to keep the firm active in all its reporting. Owner would stay on board and help manage or file reports for the firm. 70k

BDX 989

Off shore 100k b/d. located in Island of Mauritius. The firm is approved with the exchange and approved for nearly every business line. They have a clearing agreement in place with several large international firms and trade in dozens of exchanges and currencies. They can clear certain types of certificates that fall under the MSX and are cleared through DTC. Serious inquiries only please. Must provide proof of funds in advance. 200k

BDX 943

NYC based 5k firm. Approved for Private placements and completely clean and up to date. Owners will assist in transition. No marks of any kind. 60k

BDX 1000

NJ based 5k firm. Unreal firm that was established over 40 years ago without a single blemish. approved for Stocks, Bonds, mutual funds, options and soft dollar arrangements. clears through Pershing and handled mostly institutional clients. Firm is immaculate and seller will assist you. $150k

BDX 1002

NY based 5k shell. Approved a few years ago with very little business run through the firm. Approved for Private Placements and Mergers and Acquisitions. FINOP will stay on board and assist in transition. Clean as snow and ready to go. $65k

BDX 1003

A 5k B/D. immaculate old time firm with over 25 years of experience. Private placements, LP's, Oil and Gas and M&A. clean as snow and owner is looking to retire. $60k

BDX 964

5k Full service firm located in North West. Found nearly 20 years ago, the firm is clean, up to date and approved for Equities, Mutual Funds, Government Securities, Tax shelters,Private placements, underwriting, VA's and Investment advisory. No restrictions on reps or branches! $100k

BDX 1005

5k Net cap investment banking firm. Immaculate firm approved for Mergers and Acquisitions and Private Placements. Owner willing to stay on board and work on deals and help supervise if necessary. 55k


Crowd Funding Platform for an approved firm. Allowed to operate the online platform and offer Private placements and other approved securities in addition to Reg-A offerings and Best efforts underwriting. Firm is crystal clean and the software was developed in house. This is a sale of software and the FINRA firm. Serious inquiries only please.