Why Use Broker Dealer Exchange?

There are many reasons why BDX offers a compelling service proposition. Please review our website, or have a confidential conversation with one of our reps and find out why. We operate by a strict code of ethics, and offer transparency in all we do. Rather than striving to be the biggest in terms of "most deals initiated" (read = transaction fees), we strive to offer the very best service, in a discreet, personalized and efficient manner.

Why Use BDX?

- Verifiable Backgrounds
- Verifiable Integrity
- Functioning Business Continuity Plan
- Independent And Fully Disclosed
- Candor


Verifiable Backgrounds: Our Principals are industry veterans with clean, well established, verifiable financial services backgrounds. You can check out our bios in the contact us page, but better yet, "google" us, look us up in the FINRA's Public Disclosure Program, or ask your attorney what he/she knows about us. We're proud that our backgrounds are backed up by such a wealth of public disclosure, rather than exaggerated claims with a wink and a "just trust Me." Would you willingly use an intermediary who is barred from the business? Believe it or not, there are some who operate whilst hiding this fact. Always check, even if the firms' website claims it has been in business donkey's years: if your rep has been barred from the industry or has no experience whatsoever in financial services, you may be in for a nasty surprise later when the FINRA reviews your transaction.

Verifiable Integrity: BDX has been under operation by industry experienced principals since inception. Unlike other firms where management seems to change with the weather, we are who we say we are. We do not claim, for example, to have been in business for many years while ownership and management is actually brand new, with no prior experience in mergers and acquisitions. On top of that, we actually do what we claim to do; we do not "bait and switch". Our strong reputation is a by product of our commitment to excellence in everything we do. Rather than being the "biggest", we strive to be the best: offering a personal, discreet service unrivaled in this space.

Functioning Business Continuity Plan: in keeping with regulatory recommendations governing broker Dealers. we have an established business continuity plan. Unfortunately, like many other firms with offices in the South Eastern United States, we were recently given the opportunity to use our plan - under real, life threaghtening Hurricane emergency conditions. Fortunately, our plans worked perfectly. While other intermediaries in the South East simply disappeared behind voicemail for weeks, we were up and running with NO interruption to business activities whatsoever. It was seamless, and clients were largely unaware of our efforts behind-the-scenes (since we were up and running, seamlessly, with no down time, there was no need to make mention), which is just the way we planned it.

Independent And Fully Disclosed: BDX does not take kick-backs or revenue share with any of the firms or products or services we may recommend. This lack of involvement goes a long way toward assuring neutral, unbiased information. While we may, from time to time, recommend a product or service, please keep in mind that it is ALWAYS without conflict. Vendors beware: Just because we we liked you on Tuesday, don't imagine that we won't make mention if we start hearing negative commentary on Thursday! Our goal is to add real value to the business lives of our clients. We don't accept paid advertising on our website either. And regarding any fees that we do charge, all are fully disclosed to both sides of a transaction - regardless of who is footing the bill. Common sense dictates this.

Candor: Candor (Kan der): A disposition to treat subjects with fairness; freedom from prejudice or disguise; The quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech; frankness; sincerity. -Websters' Dictionary.  The truth, though at times unpleasant, will set you free.

All in all, feel free to ask us any questions. We'll give you the straight, verifiable truth. In a highly regulated industry such as the United States financial markets, there are many rules and regulations which must be complied with. We help in every way we can to assure that clients get the information they need to accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently. It is extremely important to BDX that our transactions reach successful conclusion. Consequently, We don't gloss over important issues just to get a sale. We appreciate candor in our clients - and believe you will come to appreciate ours.